The Lifestyle Workbook

£ 8.00

What does your lifestyle need and want from your clothes and appearance?

Clothing, make-up and hairstyles can assist or limit your present situation and your future. 

This assessment guides your reflection on the impact your life may have on your personal image choices.

The awareness gained will give you the knowledge needed and peace of mind as you begin to build a wardrobe of clothes that are appropriate and function for your life.


Lifestyle factors are an essential consideration in the transformation of your personal image. 

This assessment briefly looks at your Time, Inclination, Environment, Finances, Play, Work, Occasions, Career Goals, Intentions and Dreams.

It will help you look at your wardrobe with a realistic eye and is your first step in understanding and planning a look that not only reflects the true you but serves your life. 

Sharing your results with me, Leah enables a personal and individual approach to any further consultations. 

This assessment comes FREE when you purchase a Colour Analysis, Shape Shift, Face Facts so if you think you’ll be working more with me then save some £s and take the next step of booking a consultation!