The Colour Analysis Workbook

£ 35.00

Take away the confusion and mystery of colour analysis with this 80 Page fully illustrated workbook.

  • explore in-depth colour theory, palettes, analysis and draping
  • complete activities to consolidate your understanding and develop an eye for colour
  • plus bonus guides for those hoping to DIY their own colour palette

You will be empowered and equipped to continue your own colour journey…


This 80 page workbook contains all you need and more to explore your own colours.

If you are flirting with the idea of training to become a colour consultant yourself you will love the in-depth yet simple way over 40 colourful illustrations guide and teach you, step by step to understanding colour theory in relation to draping and analysis.

Workbook Contents…

What is Personal Colour Analysis : The benefits of colour analysis

1 Colour Theory
Hue – cool & warm : Value – light & deep : Chroma – clear & soft
Tints, Tones & Shades : Saturation : Contrast

2 Colour Harmony
How Humans See Colour :  Relative Colour
Simultaneous Comparison : Illusion : Appearance : Harmony

3 Colour Palettes
Types : Names : Methods : Personalised : Tonal : Seasonal

4 Colour Draping
Personal Colour Analysis : Precision : Characteristics
Controlled Draping : Analysis : Contrast

5 Colour Characteristics
Prediction : Indication : Skin : Hair : Eyes : Combination

6 Colour Analysis
Freedom of Expression : How to Use a Palette : How to Wear Colour
In Person Colour Analysis : Virtual Consultation : DIY at Home

Bonus Guides – DIY & digital drapes : palette choice : palette creation