Me and My Home Project

£ 995.00

Me and My Home Project – Living a life you love starts with the daily decisions you make.

This personal investment will give you a peaceful start to your day and effortless style in just 12 weeks

This one-to-one coaching provides you with…

  • 20 hours face-to-face coaching, teaching and practical help both in the simplyLeah studio and your own home
  • Daily access to personal messaging
  • Personalised style wallet containing colour swatches, body shape sketches and styling notes
  • Digital version of resources
  • Access to Facebook support group

You will be dressing with ease and individuality in a decluttered and organised home environment.



The Me&MyHome Project brings you simplicity and style from head to toe, inside and out in just 12 weeks.

Unlike other home and style guides this project is tailored entirely to you. It is confidential and collaborative – I coach, teach and practically assist as you discover and trust your own way, wisdom and style.

  • Your life, your way – I will lead you to find a more natural flow through the multiple roles and activities in your everyday life.
  • Your house, your home – we will we organise it in a way that works for you.
  • Your body, your choice – you will learn your unique colours and shape and together we will build outfits you love.

We will discuss your desires and plan together 12 sessions to include…

  • An initial Lifestyle Assessment
  • Initial Home visit to set up the project and begin the de-cluttering/organising ofyour wardrobe, accessories, make-up and personal care items
  • Workbook and Coaching on daily habits, finding your flow and morning routine.
  • The Inside-Out Style Workbook and coaching to define your innate style
  • Colour Analysis to discover your colours and receive a fabric swatch palette
  • Body shape – clothing – how to dress your shape, proportion, fabric and fit
  • Body shape – details – how to choose pattern, print and accessories
  • Face Facts – analysis of your face and features to guide you with make-up, hair, and jewellery, glasses and hats
  • The Inside-Out Wardrobe Workbook and coaching to guide you in styling outfits for daily life, special events and adventures.
  • The final wardrobe edit which will identify gaps forming a shopping list of future purchases

Home visits to optimise your living environment by decluttering and organising – entrance, departure and drop zone, bedroom, bathroom and breakfast areas.