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…gain the understanding and confidence to be simplyYou.

  • Define your personal STYLE
  • Discover your best COLOURS
  • Dress your body SHAPE
  • Declutter your WARDROBE

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Image and Declutter Coach

It’s so easy to find something to wear now and I know I will look good in whatever I choose. I have also learnt when I go shopping to get what I need when I need it. Leah is great at knowing what looks good on YOU. She works with you to assess your true style as well as the colours you suit. She shows you how to understand your body shape and teaches you how to dress confidently.


So….. on this page I should be telling you all about how much money, time and energy you’ll save by decluttering your wardrobe. And how much easier that will be when you know your style, your best colours and how to dress your body shape. And how amazingly confident you will feel and how healthy you will look with all that knowledge.

All that is true but it’s quite possible you are simply here to find a Personal Colour Analysis and you are wanting one of those fantastic fabric colour swatch palettes to show your friends and make shopping easier.

Or perhaps you’ve never really found your individual style, are feeling a little invisible and looking for answers and outfits.

Or maybe your body has changed shape and you want to figure out how to dress it again.

I can help… here you go…check out the services below or jump straight over to the shop to purchase a colour analysis, workbook, gift voucher or consultation.

“Oh! This is what a mirror is for!”  exclaimed my client, Wendy.

image consultancy colour analysis

I enjoy working face to face with clients – all consultations acknowledge your individual preferences and are tailored to your needs.

All swatches, reports and sketches are bespoke to you – I analyse and teach so you can see for yourself what truly works for you. I select and make each colour fabric swatch unique to you. I write your personalised notes and sketch your outfits to be included in your bespoke report.

For those not local to me, I have produced digital workbooks to download and help you discover your style at home and I’m only an email away if you have any questions.

Gift Voucher colour Image

Give The Gift Of Confidence

This perfect gift will last a lifetime. Simply download the voucher and pass it to your loved one and they can book with me in their own time. I will ensure they have a fabulous time and receive their very own personalised colour swatch wallet to use whenever they are shopping for clothes.

5 steps to declutter cover

Get Started With My Free Guide

The 5 Steps to Declutter Your Wardrobe and Express Your True Self is a FREE guide to making a start on style journey.
With my simple method you can curate a wardrobe you love without making an overwhelming mess.

Lifestyle Workbook cover

Lifestyle Essentials

How many times have you bought an item clothing and then hardly worn it? Not taking into account the needs of your lifestyle and blindly buying fashion results in a wardrobe fit to burst whilst leaving you with nothing fit to wear!
Enjoy peace of mind as you curate a wardrobe without compromising your real life and true self. Be assured you will look great in outfits that function for your life and serve your future without wasting any more time, money and materials.

Thanks for doing a great colour analysis for my mum. We really enjoyed it and her wallet is fab.


Leah I can’t thank you enough, I feel really good about my new direction and am excited for the day when EVERYTHING in my closet works for me.


Style Workbook Cover

Define Your Style

Do you feel like the real you when you look in the mirror? Have you lost or not yet found your style? Expressing your true self will be fun when you have the assurance of a unique Style Code to guide you. We will dig deep together and free your innate style.

colour analysis swatches

Your Best Colours

Curious to know what colours you suit the best? Did you know that wearing the ‘wrong’ colours can cause you to look unhealthy and older? Many make the mistake of wearing colours that are in fashion but don’t harmonise with their natural colouring so they either add extra make-up, colour their hair or never really wear the top out the house after looking in a mirror! Sadly your aim to appear stylish may have lowered your confidence and turned to clutter. If this is you or you simply have a special event coming up and want to be sure you’re looking your very best I can analyse your colours and equip you with understanding, personalised colour swatches and best of all confidence

shape shift girl group

Body Confidence

You are not your body but you do live inside of it and will need to dress each day! But with so many designs to choose from dressing can lose all its fun as we get lost in both our thoughts and those of others on body shape. Learning to dress and accept your own shape will shift your mindset and enable you to get up and quickly be ready for your day. Together we will work on expressing your style in a way that complements your natural canvas and helps you smile as you leave the house.

The thing about Leah is that she has such a fantastic eye… however she is so encouraging and I would even say gentle in the way she coaches. She has helped me to understand my own true self. I now have more confidence in creating a good wardrobe, not buying or accepting the wrong colours or designs. This also goes for my hair styles and colours as well as makeup, earrings and even reading glasses.


face facts simply leah

Making Heads Turn

What about my hair, make-up, glasses and hats?! Our face is the focus of others both live and captured in digital. Our hair an accessory we never take off that changes in time. Attention is drawn to our head throughout the day and looking at our reflection in the hope of seeing our true self can be a difficult thing. Crowning your overall look can be time consuming or quick depending on your preference, inclination and skill. I can equip you with the knowledge you need to perfect and finalise the details of your look and express your true self.

Simply Leah wardrobe declutter

Wardrobe Edit

Is your wardrobe overflowing? or kind of sad looking? Do you dream of owning clothes you love all lined up waiting for you to start your day? You could make a start today on decluttering your wardrobe by downloading this FREE guide or invite me into your home for practical and professional help in sorting your clothes and accessories!

Individual Style Intensive

Need A Makeover?

For a complete transformation – personal style, colour analysis, head to toe shape and a wardrobe full of outfits you know you love.  This is the place for you if you’re convinced that gaining knowledge of personal style, colour and shape is the most effective way you can declutter your wardrobe and dress with confidence for everyday life in a look that represents your true self.
Your transformation begins…

I’ve made a start on my wardrobe, all those green tops and sweaters are gone.
I checked my accessories and I’m amazed at how many are in my colours, those that aren’t are going. I’ve been to my hairdresser and chatted about adding some hair colour, I’m booked in for Tuesday morning !!!


Bridal Service Simply leah

Beautiful From Head To Toe

Planning your wedding? What are you going to wear? How are you doing your hair? What flowers will you chose? What colour will your bridesmaids be in?
You can look perfectly amazing without any doubts and decision fatigue by investing first in your own personal style development. Imagine looking back on the day and each photo captured making you smile.

Hair cut simplyLeah

Handcrafted Hair

Unhappy with your hair? Want a change but fearful? I’ve been there myself and know how it feels to never quite get what you want. I love cutting hair without the rush of short salon appointments. Coils, curls, waves or straight – all hair textures and face shapes are considered carefully and approached individually. I don’t start cutting until we have had a good chat about what you would like. Then we can work on the finer details together as the hair cut progresses and is finalised.

Simply Leah Hobson


Consultations take place in my home town of Barnard Castle in the north of England Please get in touch if you prefer to work remotely. Please get in touch with any questions about any of my services.

Knowing all this makes shopping so much easier. Having the knowledge of which clothes suit you cuts out the unnecessary searching and any uncertainty. This is especially handy when it comes to online shopping!


declutter upside down house

Did you know…

Are there any other spaces in your home which you are finding overwhelming?

Do you have piles of clutter?

Do you need help to organise your home so you are free to live your best life?

Find out about my home decluttering and organising service here. 

Thank you Leah. I have shifted so much stuff and made over £500 on eBay. I have given bags of items to charity and have had a letter saying they have raised over £100 plus the gift aid.
Most of all I feel lighter.
I refer to my colours regularly, your wallet is so accurate. I love it!