How to Know Your Style and Create A Look

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Well that’s easier said than done!

But watch this space. I’ve been thinking of writing a blog for the past 14 years and I’ve finally sat down to start one which I am sure will help!

Hello Leah sat on tree branch

I will share ideas on knowing your style and creating a look that expresses your true and best self from the inside-out.

For many years and for many reasons I struggled to ‘wear’ my style; to start with there was a lack of finances and interest or understanding in the family.

Very soon my height became an overwhelming issue…even when I did find an item of clothing I liked and could afford – it didn’t fit me anyway!

I learnt to sew and customise but my creative and alternative preferences drew confusing comments from others and I didn’t understand how to make the best of my figure.

I was mostly sad that I’d never had a wardrobe of clothes that felt like me, let alone fit me!

I experimented, explored and studied to gain the knowledge I needed to dress my natural colour and body shape. Over time I found freedom and developed the skill and resources needed to curate a wardrobe that worked for me.

(An ongoing project that I enjoy even if still frustrating at times.)

I established simplyLeah in 2008 and trained in Image Consultancy so I could help others with their own image confidence.

precious information over colour wallet

“Thank you so much for my ‘wallet’ it’s fantastic, I love it, so much precious information. I feel much more confident to purchase clothes now; your help has been invaluable.” — Bev, Barnard Castle

I’m certain it’s not just me who wants to look in a mirror, see a reflection of their real self and then get on with their day feeling good?!

So please tell me your struggles in regard to image…

(see the challenge below)

…then join me here as I write more to help you define your style, discover your colours, dress your shape and declutter your wardrobe!

Be simply YouChallenge my style story

A simplyLeah challenge…


Write about your own image journey… the good, the bad and what you’ve learnt so far.  Read more on my image consultancy page here.