Image and Declutter Coach

Leah Hobson, Image & Declutter Coach

Hi I’m Leah

I love all things colourful and creative. I love designing, sketching and making clothes. I love organising stuff. I love camping and mini adventures. I love learning new things. I love hanging out with my life long friend, Lis. And I love my husband, Mark.

 I am known for my creative and bespoke approach to working on projects which have a positive impact on the lives of individuals.

 My expertise and passion lies in coaching, teaching and practically assisting people in their transformation. My business, simplyLeah, founded 16 years ago to offer my skills and interests to help people from head to toe, inside and out.

I have formal education, training and lived experience that aids my work. Study has included Life Coaching, Colour Analysis, Personal Image, Hairdressing, Productivity, Management and Health & Social Care. I am trained, knowledgeable and experienced in supporting people with both hoarding tendencies and chronic disorganisation no matter what the cause. I have a deeply informed and personal understanding of Neurodivergent thinking, personal style and home organisation preferences.

I believe bringing simplicity to an individuals life will increase their energy for self compassion, contribution and adventure.

 I work in my studio and the private homes of residents in the surrounding area.

 The simplyLeah studio is in the town of Barnard Castle, Teesdale in the North East of England. Teesdale is on the border of County Durham, North Yorkshire & Cumbria in the UK.

Image and Declutter Coach

From overwhelm to simplicity…

My STORY – the short version…

I was in a mess and unwell. I searched for my style and started decluttering. The dysfunction and disappointment lifted. Life became easier and I had energy for adventure.

cluttered clothes

From overwhelm to simplicity…

My STORY – the short version…

I was in a mess and unwell. I searched for my style and started decluttering. The dysfunction and disappointment lifted. Life became easier and I had energy for adventure.

My STORY - the long version

Naturally I am torn between mess and order.

 I am very messy as do not put things away so items build up into messy piles.

 I was always super organised – I compensated for my multi passionate mess by planning and preparing kits for each activity.

 Daily living tasks I find hard but I love a project. I always loved to create styles to wear and environments to live in. I loved to sort, find storage solutions, create systems and rearrange rooms.

I have a head full of ideas…and I want to do them all!

  I loved setting up my image, declutter and organising business helping clients with their style, wardrobes and homes.

 As well as delivering my simplyLeah services I also ran the family business, I was in part time employment, opened a shop mentoring apprentices, volunteered in community projects and was a carer to ill family members. As you can see a big pile of activity was growing here!

With each of these commitments came more and more items; materials, equipment and paperwork.

 At home I wasnt functioning well at all. I felt I was failing at everyday normal life; contributing to housekeeping was a struggle and I put off any self care. Often the thought of these boring and nonessentialtasks didnt even occur to me to do. On the occasion the thoughts did appear it didn’t remain in my head long enough to make it onto my To Do List.

 The overwhelm of a cluttered calendar, cluttered mind and the physical clutter that came with my interests and responsibilities became overwhelming to the point of dysfunction and depression.

One day I sobbed the whole way home from a health appointment. (Another long story, but I had been given the wrong medication and this had made things worse.)

Something had to change . . . I needed to rethink life.

 Visually the physical clutter in my house wasnt too bad but my surroundings misrepresented me and the many organised and stored items werent contributing to an easy daily life.

The mental clutter was bad, lists of things I really wanted to do, things I had to do and the compulsion to help those asking for support.

The calendar clutter was massive. Paid, voluntary and caring commitments filled every single day draining all time and energy.

I love life and all the opportunities that we create and come our way. I would say yes to ‘all the things’. I am lucky to have a full life and a secure home but the accumulation had became unhealthy.

 No matter how cleverly organised my physical items were I began to minimise them all. Life became easier with less.

Repeat after me dont put it down, put it away”.

I found that a simplified version of a Bullet Journal helped clear my cluttered mind and managing my time became easier.

Reducing my responsibilities was the first step to clearing space in my calendar.

I decluttered my house in layers until I created functional spaces. I studied many approaches to simplifying, minimalism, housekeeping and self care.

The overwhelm began to lift.

My house became a home.

I can now quickly tidy.

My ‘to do list’ is no longer overwhelming.

I am free to visit friends.

I can concentrate on special interest projects.

I continue to declutter or make improvements to any areas that are not working in my home.

I remind myself to clutter check my calendar as I still like to do ‘all the things’.

I am learning self-compassion and self care.

Theres space in my home and mind to make better decisions when life throws things my way.

 As for my wardrobe…

 As a child I clearly remember looking through my wardrobe with its white sliding door and was sad that none of the clothes were new or chosen by me.

I was thankful for the donated bags of hand-me-down clothes our family were given but I struggled to pull together a look that I liked from the contents.

As a teen I didnt mind so much that I was unfashionable and always a year or two behind trends it was that I had ideas for items and outfits but didnt get to try them out. And being invited to parties or other events was just awful knowing I didnt have ‘suitable’ clothes and shoes.

Very soon my height became an overwhelming issue; even when I did find an item of clothing I liked and could afford, it didnt fit me anyway!

I learnt to sew and customise second hand clothes but my creative and alternative preferences drew confusing comments from others and I didnt understand how to make the best of my figure. I didnt even know I had a shape; I was just tall and skinny.

I was mostly sad that Id never had a wardrobe of clothes that felt like me, let alone fit me!

I didnt give up. I dug out the old ‘colour me beautiful’ books and began to experiment, explore and study to gain the knowledge I needed to dress my natural colour and body shape. Over time I found freedom in my own style and the decluttering began. I developed the skills to curate a wardrobe that worked simply for me.

 You see, it is possible for you to define your style, discover your colours, dress your shape and declutter your wardrobe!

I established simplyLeah in 2008 and trained in Image Consultancy so I could help others quickly find their way to style rather than be overwhelmed and frustrated for decades.

I knew it wasnt just me wanting to look in a mirror, smile at a reflection of their true self and then get on with their day in confidence.