Step out into the world with energy…

simplify your home, dress with ease and become simply you.

    Hi, I’m Leah, Image & Declutter Coach with 15 years experience.

    As a result of working with me you will be stepping out your door with energy each day.

    Your wardrobe will be full of outfits you can grab and feel great in. Your home will be clutter free, organised and working for you.

    You will no longer be worn out before you even leave the house. You will begin each day with ease, dress with confidence and be ready for everyday life and adventure.

    This is not a temporary makeover or a trendy list of items to buy – you will be empowered. I will teach, coach and practically help you to create a peaceful home and unique personal style.

    Would you like the space, knowledge, freedom and energy to live a life you love?

    My step became lighter with each week of Leah’s project. Her patience and understanding while we organised made such a positive difference to my home life. Her colour and style advice is amazing – my wardrobe was so frustrating and now it makes me feel great.


    And now I want to help you…

    me and my home simplyLeah

    Me and My Home Project

    A peaceful start to your day and effortless style in just 12 weeks…living a life you love start with the daily decisions you make.  This is the ultimate investment in self-care.

    colour analysis wallet

    Image consultancy

    Define your personal style…discover your best colours…dress your body shape.

    home declutter and organise

    Declutter & Organise

    Feeling overwhelmed? Invite simply Leah into your home and simplify your life.

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    Simply Leah Hobson


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