Declutter and Organising Service

...create space and peace in your home environment.

Don't struggle alone. Call Leah on 07816756213 to discuss the benefits of asking her into your home.

With patience and ultimate confidentiality, Leah's enthusiastic methodical approach will assist you in removing what distracts, organise what remains and create the time, space and systems for you to live your life.

LESS Mess, Decisions and Anxiety

MORE Time, Space and Motivation

EASY Cleaning, Welcoming and Relaxing



cupboards, rooms, attics and project is too big or small.

prepare for hobbies, children, ageing or a house move.

Things had got out of hand in my home and I couldn’t invite friends around anymore because I was embarrassed. One day with Leah sorting out my things gave me back some hope and motivation. Leah was kind and I know the service is confidential. I’m so much happier now
— Resident of Teesdale


your home and office by implementing file managment systems.

working together to complete home administration tasks will alleviate anxiety.

Leah visited my home for just 2 hours a week and sorted through piles of paperwork. It’s now all sorted and filed where I can easily find what I need. We have been catching up together with paperwork that I’ve ignored and forgotten; forms have been filled, debts paid and letters sent.

The weight of anxiety is lifting knowing that I’m getting on top of my life once again. Leah’s sensitive and positive attitude has been invaluable.
— Don, Bowes


your home for personal relaxation or estate agent visits.

create an easy home to clean and a visually calming environment.

The environment Leah has created in my home is fantastic. I underestimated the value a Declutterer could bring to my home always thinking I should just get on and motivate myself to do it. Her methodical approach and kindness has given me clear surfaces that are easily cleaned and we are now working on a space for my hobbies.
— Lisa, Barnard Castle


illiminate morning decision fatigue with image consultant, Leah.

declutter and organise your clothes and accessories to reflect your true self and lifestyle.

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